A Taste of DREAMS

The True Story of Men's Skirts

This was the decision that became the breaking point. This had a deep meaning. I knew that I came to St. Petersburg for something more than just studying.
When I was a teenager, my pants would constantly rip between my legs. When I entered university, my favorite shorts were torn, and out of anger I tore them at the seams.
Then I stood near the mirror and immediately went to the studio. The seamstress laughed a little and got to work. While my first men's skirt was being prepared, I began to become interested in the history of men's skirts, designers of men's skirts, and communicate with people about my idea. I was afraid of the association with skirts, the designers didn't like the presentation and presentation of skirts, I didn't like my friends' aggression and reluctance to discuss such things. Regardless of all the talk, my first skirt turned out to be a lump. It looked like a pencil and was completely uncomfortable.

Моя первая мужская юбка

I abandoned my idea until the next torn shorts. Again I began to study associations with the subject and argue on this topic. I noticed that those who were aggressive towards such design items are no longer aggressive at all, but smile and make fun of them.
At the same time, I decided not to stop with the experiment and came up with pants for Comedy Club. It was very cold in the hostel, and out of laziness, I put the bike that was lying on my feet. I showed my clothing idea to my team and they approved of it. The second time I went to the studio... and... voila! New pants for the stage!
Soon I abandoned the Comedy Club, graduated from university and moved to Moscow. After moving to another city, I began searching for men's skirts and found a designer who was already making men's skirts. Her name is Evgenia Andrievskaya (andrievskayaexclusive.com). With her, we selected the fabrics, the layout and made the skirts. The main criterion is Classic! Thanks to my friends, we realized this project! Thank you very much! This is the result

Классика 2018 года

Now this is the idea of making your dreams come true.
Never stop and go forward! Someday your idea will become mainstream! You'll be seeing some more unique clothing items coming soon. Undoubtedly, they will also bring you good luck and the realization of your plans!
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